The Office of the Vice Chancellor of ϲʹ Affairs

ϲʹs First; Our Vision is Your Success! The ϲʹ Affairs Division at ϲʹ is designed to meet the needs of our students. CCSF provides extensive student services resources ranging from counseling and support programs and offices at our many Center locations.

These academic, financial, health, and student-centered services are designed to support students, so they can succeed in all aspects of college life. As a student, you will benefit from our professional administration, faculty, and staff who can provide you with the information, understanding, and assistance you need to succeed at City College and beyond.

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ϲʹ Affairs Administration
Dr. Lisa Cooper-Wilkins
Vice Chancellor, ϲʹ Affairs
Guillermo Villanueva
Dean of Financial Aid & Special Programs
Financial Aid, Scholarship Office, EOPS, CalWORKs, City DREAM, ϲʹ Employment, Veterans Office
Meg Hudson
Dean of Outreach & Community Partnerships
Metro, Outreach, Assessment Center, Bridge to Success
Dr. Mandy Liang
Dean of ϲʹ Success
Counseling, Completion Center, DSPS, Retention Programs
Dr. Tessa Henderson-Brown
Associate Dean of Equity
Equity, HARTS, Guardian Scholars
Amy Coffey
Dean of ϲʹ Engagement & Wellness
ϲʹ Activities, Resource Centers (Family Resource Center, Queer Resource Center, ϲʹs Supporting ϲʹs), ϲʹ Conduct & Discipline, ϲʹ Health Services
Monika Liu
Acting Dean of Enrollment Services / Sr. Registrar
Admissions & Records/Registration