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A Community for ░─├┼┴¨║¤▓╩╣┘═° Parents

The Dr. Betty Shabazz Family Resource Center (FRC) recognizes the unique needs of students who are parenting while in school. The FRC provides CCSF student parents access to free childcare during class time, a quiet space to do homework in a child-friendly computer lab, a network of other student parents, and support through resource referrals.╠ř

Are you a student and a parent?

We want to hear from you!

Email us at frc@mail.ccsf.edu,╠řor stop by the ░─├┼┴¨║¤▓╩╣┘═° Union - room 201 - on the Ocean Campus - to learn more.


Services and Programs

All services at╠řthe Family Resource Center are free to current CCSF students.

PEP works similarly to╠řa Co-Op. ░─├┼┴¨║¤▓╩╣┘═°-Parents╠řenrolled╠řin PEP are allowed to leave their children while they attend class. Parents are allotted as little as╠ř1 hour╠řand up to 12 hours of care╠řper week, depending on need. This program is limited and parents must go through an approval process before being allowed to use the program. All interested parties should be directed to an FRC program coordinator for information on space availability.


  • Your child is 6 months to╠ř5 years old.
  • The maximum is 4╠řhours per day, no more than 12╠řhours a week.
  • You must volunteer 1-3╠řhours a week
  • Parents must be attending classes
  • Must complete the necessary paperwork
  • Open to both credit and non-credit students

Under this program, parents╠řmay bring their╠řchildren with them╠řto the Family Resource Center (FRC) children's activity room to play while they╠řutilize the FRC computer lab, receive resources, take a break, attend a meeting, and/or utilized another program╠řin the ░─├┼┴¨║¤▓╩╣┘═° Union Building.

We are not a licensed daycare. Parents╠řmust remain in the building at all times!

To utilize╠řdrop-in, Parents╠řmust have their╠řcurrent information on file and notify the receptionist of where they are going to be at all times.

Drop-In is on a first-come-first-served basis and is dependent on╠řspace availability. It is highly recommended that you call ahead of time to secure a space.╠ř


  • Your child is 6 months to 12 years╠řold
  • You must remain in the ░─├┼┴¨║¤▓╩╣┘═° Union
  • Fill out the necessary paperwork
  • Maximum 4╠řhrs per╠řday
  • Space is limited - recommend calling ahead of time

The Family Resource Center is equipped with a computer lab and study area, which╠řavailable╠řfor all students╠řto use while on campus.╠řHowever, priority is given to student-parents utilizing PEP and the drop-in program.╠řComputers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

In order to keep the╠řcomputer lab╠řa respectful and functional space for everyone, we ask that students respect the following rules:

  • No risque or violent╠řmaterials
  • No swearing
  • Limit cell phone use
  • No food or drink╠řnear╠řcomputers. Place your items on the tables adjacent to this area.
  • Do not leave any items unattended
  • Please, clean up after yourself.╠ř
  • Must fill out a health screening for you and your child
  • Must wear a mask at all times

Our Mission

To build a community of student parents that:

Supports through understanding

Advocates through experience

Empowers through education